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Supplier of the best premium quality Iranian shrimps, ribbon fish, eel fish, Cuttlefish, rainbow trout, queen fish, Indian mackerel, cat fish,…
TCI Seafood Company
We are one of the leading Import/Export of fresh frozen shrimp, cuttlefish,ribbon fish, rainbow trout & all type of seawater and freshwater fishes.
  • TCI has taken over a Shrimp farm witch established in 2014, now we have great team running the process as well as audit/sourcing/inspection company for other seafood products. We look for best competitive offers, & arranging mixed load with various items from only reliable suppliers with very good quality, shipping schedule loading. We’re distributing in USA and some regular customers from EU and China.
  • We are the leading processor & exporter of fresh frozen shrimp, cuttlefish, ribbon fish, rainbow trout & all the type of ribbon fish, rainbow

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